In Pale Solitude – Lovely Lima

Colonial architecture of Lima, Peru, this is a church presented to resemble a charcoal drawing.
Church in Peru, by Carol Schiraldi, Peruvian architecture on a grey day

Sharing some additional black and white work with you today, this one some architecture from Peru. This is a church near the Lima city center. Lima is very much a colonial city and a lot of the buildings downtown look like this, done in this architectural style.

I am rather fond of colonial architecture. There is something about it that feels so comfortable, so familiar, yet it can also be sort of bold and striking at the same time. It feels like big columns that snuggle you and make you feel cozy somehow.

Getting around Lima can be difficult, it’s a confusing city but worth a visit nevertheless. The food is amazing there too. I never know it was a culinary capitol of the world until I visited and then, after a taste of Lima, I did not want to leave. Lots of tasty eats down Lima way, for sure.

It’s a very large, dense city with a lot of hustle and bustle but there are still quiet corners to be found. This is one example. For a while, I was photographing this church from a tidy little corner, with almost nobody around, enjoying the quiet solitude. It was just me and my camera and that wonderful colonial architecture.

I made this look almost like a charcoal drawing because it’s so classical down Lima way. It reminded me of my time working in that medium, even though Lima is typically quite the colorful place. I hope to go back again maybe someday. Until then, at least I have a lot of photos to remember it by. Lovely Lima, you were a treat for sure.

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