Lights, Cameras, eh, I’m Too Lazy!

Abstract image of holiday lights from Round Rock, Texas in the Forrest Creek area
Holiday Lights in Motion, Round Rock, Texas

It’s time for holiday lights! You know I should really be excited about this but, somehow anyway, I just can’t get myself into the mood. It’s like I’m perpetually distracted. There’s a lot going on right now and it just feels like the holiday really snuck up on me this year. One minute it was September, I was headed out of town and such and the next? It’s Christmas! OK, so I guess I have to stop grinching it up and start getting myself in the holiday spirit. (Ba Hum…oh crap, is it that time of year already?)

I did manage to head to Round Rock this week and shoot some of the lights over in Forest Creek. This is a wonderful place. It has become a sort of annual visit at this point too, as I believe I am up to about year number three (or some such.) It really is a wonderful neighborhood and I love walking around taking pictures there. Some of the houses really go all out with the decorations and they even get some “drive by’s” or people driving through just to look at the light displays.

So, this year, I unpacked my camera (finally! Ugh!) managed to put on decent clothing, and drove over the Forest Creek neighborhood in Round Rock. It had been raining in the day and I almost thought it was going to be a wash, so I almost blew it off (I did say “almost” here.) I decided to brave the rain and head on over to the Rock. I thought it was going to be cold so I “bundled” up a bit, wearing a hoodie. Turns out it was about 69 degrees which is actually rather warm (for a hoodie anyway) and it did not rain although the streets were a bit wet, a subtle plus for us. The red boots, it would appear, made an appearance in Round Rock, Texas this week. (Take a bow! OK, sure, just stay on the floor right where you are instead.)

I ran into some folks from the various photo groups and chatted a bit, which was nice. It was great to catch up. Much to my dismay, I discovered that I had missed a couple of holiday parties (I swear, I was going to attend and got the dates mixed up. I thought it was this week!) and a few other folks were no shows, probably on account of the “almost rain.” Still was a nice evening, although I didn’t feel super inspired. It would appear I really have a case of the blahs but I managed to salvage a bit of shooting. There’s an expression for fishing which also holds for us photographers: “a bay day behind the lens is still better than a good day elsewhere.” Very true for me, very true. It was great to be out again. I managed to work with the new tripod and I rather liked it. It’s lighter and it held up OK given the situation. (I don’t know why it is but, I swear, I change dates more easily than tripods. Just a fact of life, I suppose.)

After an evening of shooting, walking around, checking out the lights, driving back, and “de-hoodie-ing” frankly I was too lazy to even upload my shots. Alas, they are still on the card! This is from last year, a time when I was quite inspired. I’ll share some images when I get a chance and, if you happen to see me, please spike the eggnog as I am going to need it this year.

Until next time…

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