About Carol

Welcome to the blog of exhibiting fine art photographer Carol Schiraldi. With decades behind a lens and a substantial list of exhibitions, shows, and gallery work, Carol shares her musings on life, art, and photography.

Born in New York City, Carol currently lives outside of Austin, Texas, surviving on Ramen noodles and coffee. Since her first show at Amy’s Ice Cream in Austin in 1992 her work has been shown in New York City, Seattle, Toronto, Los Angeles and across her current home state of Texas. She has photographed Eric Clapton and BB King in London, the rooftops of Santorini, the volcanoes of Hawaii, the streets of Las Vegas, the canals of Venice, and the glaciers in Iceland just to name a few of her favorite places.


If you want to read more, here’s the long form:

New York born Carol Schiraldi is an abstract visual artist whose passion for experimentation comes alive in her dramatic signature style. Sometimes quirky, sometimes painterly, her compositions effortlessly reveal the beauty underlying any scene.

Carol is all about color, mood, and honoring the spirit of the places she visits. A consummate traveler, she seeks to find the unusual angle, the out-of-the-ordinary perspective, and the elevated vibration of an otherwise mundane setting. Capturing the flow of life, in an unbounded and unexpected way, experimenting with technique and materials at every turn, is her calling. Using photography as her guiding star and primary medium, she often works in mixed media, and loves exploring the possibilities that arise from layering, compositing, collage, alternative printing, and material studies.

Growing up in Scarsdale, a small town on the outskirts of New York City, with a multilingual executive father and a mother known to ballroom dance on roller skates, her childhood was filled with writing, music, and pottery, her earliest visual medium. Carol’s artistic influences are wide ranging, as her early days were the near embodiment of a Steely Dan song—infused by everything from the street art of Keith Haring to the sullen blue notes of jazz great John Coltrane, with hints of impressionist painters, a little Andy Warhol, and a host of delta blues washed down with some Hemingway whiskey for good measure. Her modern photographic influences include Joyce Tenneson, Cindy Sherman, Art Wolfe, Michael Kenna, and Julie Blackmon but she continues to draw artistic inspiration from a rich well of sources.

Since her first show at a local ice cream parlor in Austin, Carol’s artwork has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world. Her work has been selected for over one hundred international juried exhibitions, and been included in numerous permanent collections, print publications, and collectors’ private holdings.

Recently, Carol’s images have appeared on top travel and interior design websites such as TexasMonthly.com, TexasTraveler.com, and ModernBungalow.com. Carol’s Little World, the award-winning blog she created, showcases her artwork and eclectic flair. She further sells products incorporating her artwork in her online store at CarolsLittleWorld.com.

Carol is currently living outside of Austin, Texas. She is an active artist, educator, writer, and speaker regularly contributing to the vibrant Austin-area art scene. When not creating, you can find her enjoying coffee, Ramen noodles, or spinning on her bike.