It’s the Season of the What?

A tangled weave of branches in winter season set against a blue sky, image by Carol Schiraldi of Carol's Little World as shot on an iPhone 15 Pro Max.
“Branches and Blue Sky,” by Carol Schiraldi, 2024, iPhone 15 Pro Max

Here’s another shot from my new iPhone 15 Pro Max camera, this one pretty much straight out of camera. This is my crepe myrtle tree which is looking pretty wonderful if you happen to like a ball of tangled branches. This time of year, that’s all you get! Of course, it’s rather lovely you just have to come back in the summertime to see that magic happen.

In keeping with the seasons, my garden center writes to inform me that they have acquired a new order of Hellebore. I must confess, I did not know what these flowers were! I had to look it up. Also called “Lenten roses” they are in fact not roses at all, but rather they reside in the buttercup family. They do look like roses and they tend to bloom during the season of Lent, so that gives us the name. Looking at the research, I have seen these bad boys before, I just didn’t know what they were called. If I don’t know what I flower is I tend to call it a “cosmos” because I think that’s a great name and it’s kind of a default looking flower. Perhaps one day I will be at a garden center and I will say, “oh, that’s a cosmos is it?” and they will think I’m a genius. Given my limited knowledge of plants, however, I highly doubt this will come to pass.

With the new order of Lenten roses in place, I need to head over there to take some photographs. Actually, I need to go out shooting more, as I have not been out so much lately. It would be good to get out and take a little shooting excursion over to the gardens.

I am slated to head up to Bartlett, Texas again this weekend so I will get out at some point, it just might be nice to snag the flowers and get a little fresh air before then. Some pretty flowers to share might be nicer than the tangled branches but that’s winter for you.

It’s the season of the Hellebore. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Until next time…

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