Barcelona Bound?

Just a random image for today, this from the highlands of Iceland. Thoughts turn to travel recently as I’ve gotten word that some of my images will be on display as part of the Barcelona Foto Biennale later this fall. Actually, I’ve been invited to the party as it were and I’m considering attending.

Barcelona has always been the crown jewels of travel destinations for me. If you’re familiar with my work, you know I love to photograph what I call “drunken buildings.” The “Mack Daddy” of drunken buildings would have to be none other than the architect Gaudi, who designed a lot of Barcelona including the most famous Sagrada Familia church.

As luck or fate would have it, the hotel I would be staying at has a rooftop deck and what is I believe a view of the famous church. No matter the view, the festivities are in the heart of downtown Barcelona, so I would be a stone’s throw away from the architecture. Yes, quite literally I’d pull up a seat at the bar (as it were) for the “drunken buildings.” Now, doesn’t that sound like fun? My kind of fun anyway.

It’s still all tentative with all of the travel restrictions. I’m going to make an honest attempt at getting back out into the world but you know how these things go. I never feel like I’m there until I’m there and I never feel like I shot the place until I get home and post process the images.

One last note about Barcelona too. For those of you who have been there, maybe you can fill me in. They appear to have some kind of obsession over vermouth. I can’t quite figure it out, but it would appear there are coffee bars and vermouth bars all over the place (not “coffee and vermouth” that is to say, not these two things together, no, just coffee bars and vermouth bars. Separated, as it were.) I can’t figure it out but, if you should happen to know, please fill me in!

Until next time…

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