Japandi Style

I’ve been reading a lot about Japandi Style recently. In case you don’t know, Japandi is a combination of Japanese and Scandinavian designs. It basically combines the minimal, clean lines of the Scandinavian design with the natural elements of a more Japanese style. Japandi Style, it’s a thing! Since launching Carol’s Little World, the gallery site, I have been caught up more and more with the latest design trends. I feel like a Kardashian or some such. A little bit crazy, right? It’s kind of fun too, I mean, I get to play around with all kinds of fake rooms and figure out new design trends even before some of the folks in the industry get their hands on them and determine they are “so last week!” Er, whatever. I actually do like some of the Japandi items.

Speaking of things Japan, I thought I would share some images from the Land of the Rising Sun as it were. Here are a couple of new, a couple of old, maybe just a couple. You can “Japandi” them yourself if you want, but they are Japanese. I had such a great trip and loved Kyoto so much, it was hard to stop editing images from Japan. Such a beautiful place. I’m going to pounce on anybody who calls it “last week.”

I hope you enjoy my little slice of Japan.

Until next time…

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