Hot Tuna Time

Just Water on Objkt

As you may already know, I’ve started minting and offering some of my work as non fungible tokens or NFTs for short. I started offering my work in NFT format over on the OpenSea platform, but then got turned on to another platform. Trading in Tezos (or just Tez for short) I am also using the platform Objkt to mint (create) and offer (auction or list) my NFTs.

I had this grand idea and, as so many of my grand ideas goes, well, let’s just say it’s already gone all “pear shaped.” But, it’s all good, we’re all good here. You see, I had this great idea (ahem!) to setup a “collection” of my NFTs and make a nice, wonderful page centered around a theme. Since I’m so into architecture, I thought I would offer up a collection called, well, “Wild About Architecture.” My grand idea was to collect buildings from all over the world and add them to my wonderful collection on Objkt and make a lovely virtual art gallery with a focus on architecture. You can actually see my collection here if you are curious.

As luck would have it, the good folks at Tezos have events. I have absolutely fallen in love with their events. What can I say? They are so much fun! They are having an event called “TunaTime” which is basically almost like an NFT swap. The way it works is that everybody created their pieces on August 19th. They gave us a theme, actually kind of a loose theme, “water” and “summertime” were the idea they were going for here. The write up I read said something about how, “there are whales and everybody follows them because they are so big in the art world and NFT space, but then there are also tunas.” I loved the idea right from the start and absolutely fell in love with the work! I wanted to jump into this hot tuna pool right away, as soon as I read the description.

The idea is simple: we offer our Tuna-themed pieces for sale starting on August 19. The sale runs through August 28th, after which time everything goes away. (*Poof!*) We offer up the pieces for .5 Tez (which is very cheap in case you did not know) and in editions of 500 (so we probably won’t run out unless, you know, we’re super popular.) The commission on the pieces is like 25% so anything resold makes royalties for the artists participating. We all tag the work with the tag #TunaTime and then, once we create our pieces, we can shop and we can sell (we can sell AND shop as I have done already.)

It’s been great for so many reasons. For starters, it offers an opportunity to get some artwork cheap. Some artists are now more available to purchase at a much lower price. Woot! Woot! Also, the artists get a nice chunk of royalties so, years from now, if somebody makes it big? You will profit and so too will they. A win-win! Also, since the work is tagged and easy to find, you can discover lots of new talent over on the Tezos marketplaces. Just browsing the tag alone is so much fun. There is a ton of talent on Objkt, let me tell you. It’s just killing it on so many levels. I’m so excited to participate. This is my entry called, “Just Water,” and, as part of Tezos Tuna #TunaTime, it’s offered at .5 Tez in edition of 500 and will go away on August 28th. I have also already picked up 3 or 4 pieces from other artists.

The problem as it were is that I had to put something non-architectural in the architecture bucket. Those darn Tezos people got their chocolate in my peanut butter! Eh, what can I say? I’ll forgive them if you’ll forgive me. There’s now some water in my architecture.

Think of it as a virtual “leaky roof” maybe?

Hot tuna time on Tez has been a blast. Buying, selling, collecting from other artists, meeting lots of new people and just having fun. I hope you will check out some of the work and play along too!

Until next time…

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