It’s a Secret – I Promised You Beautiful Flowers

Reflection of the ponds in the secret/borrowed garden by Carol Schiraldi of Carol's Little World.
“View of the Ponds” by Carol Schiraldi, iPhone image, 2024

Can you keep a secret? The ponds did have some flowers. I know I promised you beautiful flowers, and I did manage to find a few, despite it being almost the dead of winter. It was 38 degrees here this morning. Yesterday, I took to wearing a woolen hat. Yes, it really is this chill here in River City.

Cold be damned, they did manage to get some Lenten roses and other annuals over at the borrowed garden. If anybody can keep plants in the dead of wintertime, it would be them, and they don’t disappoint! I must confess too, I love seeing the early flowers. They are so pretty! A welcome little slice of spring.

Yesterday, I ventured up to Georgetown to go to a meeting and I wound up shooting a wee little bit. As luck would have it, the golden hour was upon us and I managed to snag a few grab shots of the courthouse in the orange glow of dusk. Still editing on this one, so we’ll see how it turns out, but it was a fun little excursion. Even though it’s cold, the light was interesting and so don the bonnet, brave the cold, grab the camera, and go. That’s my motto and I’m sticking to it.

I do love the reflections in the ponds, especially playing with the bare trees. I know these are kind of sullen images, not for everybody, but I do like to share. It’s much more introspective work. I was looking back at my last few posts here and noticed I have a lot of dark stuff. Somehow, it just worked out that way. OK, so maybe time to change it up, right?

Some flowers this time around. These are using the close up setting on the new iPhone 15 Pro Max. You can see how it handles flowers now.

Bright pink flowers, beautiful flowers, in the borrowed garden, a photo by Carol Schiraldi of Carol's Little World.
“Flowers in the borrowed garden” by Carol Schiraldi, iPhone 15 Pro Max camera, 2024

Until next time…

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