Remembering a Special Mom this Mother’s Day

Dew Drop Floral, pink flower uploaded for Mother's Day 2023
“Dew Drop Floral,” by Carol Schiraldi
White Rose, close up detail of a white rose, uploaded for Mother's Day 2023 by Carol Schiraldi
“White Rose,” by Carol Schiraldi
Water Like Glass, photo of water lily floating in still pond, uploaded for Mother's Day 2023 by Carol Schiraldi
“Water Like Glass,” from the Series “A Borrowed Garden,” by Carol Schiraldi

It’s almost Mother’s Day 2023. While gearing up for the big sale over on Carol’s Little World, I was reminded how my mother is no longer with us. Mother’s Day can be a difficult holiday for folks who have lost their loved ones. It can be hard to watch everybody else making phone calls and spending time with their mothers when yours is not around any longer.

I try to think about Mother’s Day as a day to remember and recall some of the good times I had with Mom. The silly things she did or the crazy things she once said. This year, as I am packing up and prepping to sell the house, I am reminded of a prior Mother’s Day gift for her. When she first moved into the house, I had the crazy idea to purchase her a tree. Yes, you read that right, a tree! I got her a crepe myrtle tree, since they grow really well here (or so I was told.) Ah, the problem was, the tree did in fact grow really well. It grew really, really well. It’s now much taller than the house! It blooms pink flowers in the late spring and they last until about our October time, a little less if we get an early frost or a lot of rain that year.

We all always loved that tree. It took root in the garden and she loved sitting and looking out the window at it. In the springtime, the first spotting of a pink flower was an event. She would say something like, “oh! I think the pink flowers are coming! I can see one!” and we would all go examine the tree for evidence of the season. As the tree got larger, it became harder to spot the flowers, especially since the tree tends to bloom from the top but, somehow anyway, the pink flowers always made their seasonal appearance, much to our delight.

It’s almost time for the pink flowers again. I will spot them with a shout out to Mom this year for sure. I hope you enjoy a special memory with your mom this Mother’s Day too.

Until next time…

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