A Visit to the Ponds

“Dripping Pottery” from a Visit to the Ponds, 2022 Carol Schiraldi

I admit it. I was getting antsy. Been a while since I went out shooting and I was missing my time behind the lens. The other day it was perfect out, about 75 and sunny. Not the best for photographing (we photographers actually do better in horrible storms, believe it or not) but I just had to get outside and enjoy it. I guess you could call it cabin fever but, whatever you call it, I had it bad.

Since coming back from travel, I hadn’t really setup all my gear correctly. I have yet to pack out my camera bags and the like and I had not charged up my camera battery. I wanted to go out shooting, wanted to go out so badly, so very badly, but camera gear was not ready, I was losing the light, and the place was going to close. What to do?

I wound up taking my iPhone. Just me and my iPhone, walking around. It wasn’t what I really wanted to do but it was kind of fun anyway. Still better than being inside, I guess you could call it. Maybe I should do a photographic series called, “Still Better Than Being Inside?” OK, maybe “a brief visit to the ponds” is better.

We’re coming up upon holiday light season, and I really want to go out and photograph some of the lights. I am going to have to unpack my camera bag and charge up the stupid battery. The iPhone won’t keep cutting it here but, I must confess, it was good for a day in the ponds. This is “Dripping Pottery” from my brief visit to the water gardens.

Until next time…

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