Chase the Light was Right Off the Hook

Close up image of a dragon fruit done for Chase the Light fundraiser for PCNW in Seattle
“Dragon Fruit” done for Chase the Light, by Carol Schiraldi, iPhone image, June 8, 2024

Chase the Light, the annual fundraiser for Photographic Center Northwest (PCNW) in Seattle, had a big opening reception and sale. It’s a wrap! Happy to say that this year Chase the Light was right off the hook! The way the fundraiser works is that the participating photographers all create images over the same time (one weekend) and then there is a pop-up show and print sale to benefit the center.

This year, there were over 400 photographers participating. The images were made in 147 cities, 25 US states, and 10 different countries. The gallery show was packed, with PCNW not even sure how to fit so many folks into the space. Yes, it’s true, this year, Chase the Light was right off the hook!

The exhibition was such a success that they are extending the show. Chase the Light photographs will also be exhibited as part of UNION, a public art projection. Beginning each night at dusk, from June 19-July 1 visitors will witness a 50′ tall exhibition projected on the south facing wall of the Woodworth Apartments building (953 E. Union Street) in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. I’m told that the best viewing is from the corner of E. Seneca St. & 10th Avenue (right by Lark and IHOP restaurants.)

Previously, I shared a bit of my process and experience for creating my images for Chase the Light this year. I can now share with you that this image of the “Dragon Fruit” from my visit to my local market was the image selected to be included in the show. Also, I’m happy to share that my image was SOLD so it is no longer available for sale but there are some other images still available should you want to help out PCNW and get a print.

It’s an interesting turn of events when a show or reception blows up and goes right off the hook. It’s a good feeling knowing that we helped raise some funds for the center. I’m so happy I got to do my small part to help make it happen and over the moon that the show was such a success. I’m sure the evening projection is a lot of fun and I hope the folks in downtown Seattle enjoy it.

You can see the slideshow at the Chase the Light link if you are not in Seattle and can’t make it to the UNION projection.

Also, you can see the image the judges selected from the ones I submitted for consideration. Was it the same image you would have picked? It’s always interesting to look at these things. If you are a photographer, maybe this will help give you some insight into the judging process, the process that goes into putting a show like this together.

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