Excited to Reveal the Creative Camera Ready

Cream colored building in Taylor, Texas, a winner in the Creative Camera Ready challenge at Minted by Carol Schiraldi
“Cream Colored Building, Taylor, Texas,” by Carol Schiraldi, exclusively launched on Minted.com

Excited to reveal that I’ve been selected to be included in the latest photography challenge over at Minted. Called “Camera Ready: Fine Art Photography Challenge” this piece, “Cream Colored Building, Taylor, Texas” is included in the latest offerings on the site. It will be available exclusively at Minted.com and included in their upcoming collection.

For those who don’t know, I have been part of the Minted collection before, having setup an artist store over there along with some images. I love the good folks at Minted, it’s such a wonderful home for artists. They always seem to do a lot and they have a wonderful community of artists. It’s always a special feeling when you get a pick from the folks there at Minted.

In the past, they had some pop up events in Austin and it was a lot of fun getting to see them in person. They had an event at Irene’s downtown where somebody’s car died and we all had a ton of fun getting it back on the road again, and then also more recently an event at Austin’s own Hotel Saint Cecilia. That was a fun night out on the town as well, as I managed to snag some pictures in the bar, where they had it painted entirely dark blue with a white peacock for decoration.

I don’t know what everybody made of the decor but we did have a fun time at that bar and it was especially great to catch up with other Minted artists.

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