The Medium is the Message

Pacific coast near Big Sur, California posted to celebrate joining Medium
“Simple Ocean View,” Big Sur, California, by Carol Schiraldi 2023

Some brief news to share with you today, as I have taken the plunge and joined in the chaos over on Medium. Now, I don’t want to switch to only using Medium, mind you, but I thought it might be nice to connect with more folks. I signed up over on and I am going to try to share stories on that platform, mostly things I post here will be shared but maybe some additional items as well. We shall see. For now anyway, you can follow me on Medium, if you go here I believe. It’s new to me but I’m going to give it a spin, kick the tires, and all.

Speaking of spin, tires, and the like, this image is from Big Sur. It’s from a drive up the coast, somewhere along the way between Carmel and the Bixby Bridge. If I had to guess, closer to the bridge, but that’s just a guess. It was a lovely surf and lush green landscape, no guess work about that, as you can see here.

Until next time…

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