Happy Labor Day

Today is Labor Day here in the US, and this implies that a lot of folks are off from work. It’s a long weekend that typically marks the end of summer. Here in Texas, the heat has broken up a bit and we are a bit less cool. From where I sit, it looks actually nice outside today, at least no torrential rain to speak of and not too hot.

I saw this sign in my local Thai fusion restaurant and had to snag an image of it. I wound up adding the bird and reworked it a bit from the original image. I think it holds true on holiday as well. We should try to be kind to those who do show up, right?

For myself, I am getting some things done, mostly related to Barcelona. Trying to get additional items nailed down so I can travel again. It seems like it is months away but really, I have found, the time goes by quickly and it is best to be prepared. I have a lot of things to do, like figure out suitcase situation, finish booking transports to and from airport (ground transportation,) secure camera gear to make sure it is ready to go, and the like. Always a lot of stuff to do, right? I complain when I cannot travel and then, once I book a trip, I gripe about all the work there is. We just can’t win, can we?

I am a busy bird, for sure! I do hope you have a great long holiday weekend while I am sorting out all of the details for what I hope is to be my next fun travel adventure.

Until next time…

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