Opportunity Weekend – September 30th

A corner shop with pastel colored trim has purple and green chairs out front, including a holiday wreath, in Salado, Texas

Yes, yes, I know I’m late. I was supposed to do Opportunity Weekend yesterday but I’m here with you in spirit today so that you can still maybe get after it this weekend (well, maybe a little bit.) I’ve been stuck in bed with the flu you see so I’m a bit slower catching up with everything this weekend. Apologies for this as I hope to be getting back to my regular old self as soon as possible. I feel quite like those folks who never take down their holiday decor or who just go through life a bit more slowly than the rest of us. Man, have I been dragging. But, it’s all good, all good. I guess the old bones needed a bit of a rest. So, while I’m getting after getting back into good health, I offer up some opportunities for you to get after it:

 Several all media shows for the painters in the bunch this week. Best of luck with your entries.

Until next time…

PS This image from Salado, Texas taken over the holiday season, Canon 5DS and walkabout lens.

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