Trumpet Player of Sorts

I shot this over at the ponds. In case it’s not obvious, this was looking straight down into the water. The light was hitting the pond water, making for some interesting colors and reflections. I thought the algae and little flower made the organic form look a little bit like a trumpet player (of sorts.) 

You know how some people look up at clouds and see all kinds of things? Bunnies, whales, space ships, lost socks, and the like? I think you can do the same thing with reflections in water. Somehow, it’s like the layer of abstraction just triggers our collective imaginations and we start seeing all kinds of things. At least I know I do, but pretty sure I am not the only one. (Anybody out there look at this and got a bunny? A wizard? Maybe a guy playing golf? Feel free to hit me up in the comments and we can maybe compare notes.) 

I’ve got a trumpet player and I’m sticking to it! 

Until next time…


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