Time to Vote


Voting is OPEN on Minted – I have submitted to the Sixth Annual Minted x Pottery Barn Kids x Pottery Barn Teen Art Challenge, and I need your help! August 26th is the deadline, and I need YOU to vote!

The way Minted works is that Minted runs contests, usually for specific vendors (like Pottery Barn) the artists post and then everybody votes. Minted selects the winners from the voting. Here is your chance to show support for my work! You don’t need to buy anything, just head on over to Minted and give me an upvote or click on the heart button to like me work. If I get enough likes, they will sell my work as part of the collection.
Here’s a link to get your started:
have to join Minted but that’s easy and fast (also, it’s free, and you
can always unsubscribe later) Go vote all of your favorites and checkout the work submitted. It’s a great way to see what trends are happening in the decor market right now, even if you don’t buy anything or vote (of course, I’d love for you to vote.)
Thanks to all of the folks who have voted already and please head over and vote if you haven’t done so yet.
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