Bamboo, A Love Story


What can I say? I love, love, love bamboo in any form! I love the lines it makes as it grows.
I love the subtle variations in color, even the little nicks, dents,
and scratches, which help make each individual piece unique. It’s like art itself, unique and different yet comfortable and always there for you. It’s sustainable and oh so strong. You can make paper out of bamboo, you can also make it into clothing or use it to make a building or a bridge. What other material can do all of that? No many, my friends, not many. Unless it is growing in my garden, I love bamboo. 

bamboo shoots were actually bundled up to be used as building materials. As I was walking
around the village near the Longsheng rice terraces, I found them resting against a wall this way. They
are bundled up to be used in construction. Just think, by now, they
might be somebody’s house. Either that or maybe they somehow got made
into a paper airplane. (You laugh but it could happen.)

Bamboo always seems to form the most interesting patterns. It’s really an inspiration for design, with lines that last all day, subtle variations in color, and a wonderful geometry all around. Yes, today I must confess. This is my love story for all things bamboo. 

If I didn’t kill anything and everything, heck I might even let it into my garden. OK, maybe not, but it can go just about anyplace else and I won’t complain. 

Bamboo. It’s not just for breakfast anymore. 

 Until next time…

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