Guilin at Night

 Been pulling together images for my book. It’s coming along, although it feels like the ultimate in “feature creep” and by that I mean I keep adding to it. I just keep adding to it. It started out small. I was all set to do like 20 maybe 30 images in a book, a small book, as a kind of keepsake for my journey. Nothing special, just a small project to gather a few images, collect them, and present them in a small book. Once I started processing my images, however, it turned into something larger. I keep finding myself saying, over and over again, “I have to put this one in. I just have to!” It’s now approaching 100 items and still growing, although I must admit it’s coming to an end. Maybe 30-40 more images? I don’t know about that. What I do know is that I’ve been working on it and the images are coming along. 

This is one of the images from the book. This is the red tent market in downtown Guilin at night. I hope you agree that it was maybe a good thing I did not stop at 20 images, right? 

Until next time…

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