Grass Like Lines


It might seen a bit strange, maybe even a bit uneventful, but I have been quietly working on a series of grass photographs for a while now. I don’t know how long it’s been, but I have at least a few of them. This isn’t something typical, I suppose, I mean, if I had to venture a guess, probably not all that many people are interested in grass, right? What pulled me in was the graphical nature of it all. The grass winds up looking like lines and I liked the abstract view that a macro lens affords me. I like these kind of graphical, linear, patterns in nature style of shots. I know they are a bit different, but I find somewhat of a comfort in them. Somehow, my brain finds them relaxing. I’m also drawn to the sorts of limited color palettes you can get with these kind of shots. They wind up being tight and bright, yes, but also fairly two or three colored, rather than winding up something akin of a car full of clowns crashing into a tree. (Nobody wants to see a car full of clowns crashing into a tree, right? Well, at least I don’t.) 
This one is available on Carol’s Little World at the following link: Grass Like Lines.

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