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These are the Longsheng Rice Terraces, also called the “Dragon’s Backbone” in Longsheng, Guangxi, China. These terraces are about 650 years old and are called the “Dragon’s Backbone” because they are said to resemble the spine of a dragon. While visiting, I spent my birthday up here, enjoying an evening on a porch swing under the stars. There is a little village that sits atop the mountains which was a quiet, peaceful place that served as our resting spot. The buildings there are made mostly of wood and are built along the steps that wind up through the rice terraces-they are actually built into the terraces themselves. I was fortunate enough to visit during autumn when the rice fields were quite green and verdant as you can see here. Our hotel was quite a few flights of stairs up into the mountains but it really was worth the trip once we got up there. I enjoyed photographing the mountain village and the food was delicious. 
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