The Glacial Lagoon


Before visiting Iceland, I really had no idea what a “Glacial Lagoon” was. Oh sure, I could have ventured a guess, and, no doubt, I would have been correct, but there’s something about the very idea of the place that boggles the mind. A “Glacial Lagoon.” I mean, what would that really even look like, right? I just couldn’t wrap my head around the idea. 
Fast forward to the actual visit. “Oh! A lake with icebergs floating around in it. I get it now!” And, I did. Once you know, well, you know. It’s a “Glacial Lagoon” which is basically a big lake with icebergs floating around in it.

These are some of the icebergs from the “Glacial Lagoon,” Jökulsárlón, in Iceland. Now, you don’t have to wonder what it might look like any longer in case you were stuck too. (Behold! This is the glacial lagoon in Iceland.)

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