Independence Day

Incense burning at a Buddhist Temple in Guilin, China. Abstract image

It’s Independence Day here in the ‘States so I thought it would be fitting to show you what remains of some fireworks, of sorts. This is actually remnants of the remains of burning incense at a Buddhist temple in Guilin, China. I thought it was about as close to fireworks as I can get, seeing as I don’t usually shoot firework imagery. This one is a bit abstract but you can see the charred remains anyway, so there you have it.

It’s raining here in River City today, so probably most of our firework celebrations have been put on hold. I’m kind of glad about that in a way. Poor Chase is not feeling well just about now and so he’s a bit more sensitive to the added/unexpected noise from these things. Just yesterday, he got startled, hopped down off the bed, and hid. I had to coax him back out again. He wasn’t shaking or anything like this, just a bit put off by the noise. It’s a strange sound and he’s not really enjoying it. Poor Chase, I hope he gets on the mend real soon now.

I hope you are having a wonderful Independence Day wherever you are. This is a great time to take a day off, enjoy a hot dog or perhaps a hamburger or two, spend some quiet time with the family, and maybe enjoy some of what summertime has to offer. The rain has also produced a wonderful little break from the typical 100 degree days here in River City. Today it’s a balmy 84 which I am actually loving as well. I do hope you enjoy it too. Just because it’s Independence Day doesn’t mean it has to be hotter than a bottle rocket, right?

I wish I happy fourth to one and all and look for some upcoming show news and the like sometime soon. 

Until next time…

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