Wild About Bags

An abstract natural image, featuring lots of blues and greens from the trees and sky

So, I have much news to report in the bags department. I was going to check in the other day to tell you all about my new camera bag, the ThinkTank Retrospective 30 but then something has come over me and I decided to opt instead for the Domke J-CHRON-RB. I actually purchased the ThinkTank bag first and I may keep it, just add the Domke to the mix. I know, it sounds crazy but I’ve been a bit nuts about bags. You see, I really didn’t like the F-1X and I always seem to be short on bags so I might just sell that one at like a swap meet and wind up keeping the other two.

The think that really did it for me about the Domke is not only how well they are made (those things are built like a tank!) but also how many new features the newer “Next Generation” bags have. The good folks at Domke really have thought about everything. They added a zipper in the top so you can reach in and grab the camera bag. They added pockets that expand but can also snap closed and sit right next to the bag when you are not using them (making the bag both smaller and expandable.) They offer up both a grab strap and a shoulder strap plus the newer bags now have a luggage trolley strap, which is a big plus for me. They just have so many pockets and offer up so much, not to mention they look great and are rugged as all get up. So, ThinkTank, you almost got me but I’m sticking with my trusted Domke brand.

I really am very impressed with what they are doing with bags these days. There is a lot of new stuff to select from and a lot of new features. They are making bags more for women, messenger bags are all the rage, bags for the new mirrorless gear, bags that look more like business cases rather than dorky camera bags. Man, I have to admit, these days it would appear the sky is the limit in terms of bags. Phew! It can make shopping for a new one a bit daunting but it’s also kind of fun and interesting to see what kinds of new features they incorporate.

I know it might sound silly but bags are a big part of what we do. You basically have to wear a bag all day long and it very much dictates what kind of kit you can carry. Bags do a lot for us, even if we sometimes neglect them or just go with what we have. It’s really great to see new features and the like, as it can go a long way towards making our lives a bit easier. I wish you the best of luck should you be hunting for a new one. It’s a challenge, I know, but can also be fun to step up to the chase.

Until next time…

PS This one taken with the Canon 5DS and the walkabout lens. In the park, with the zoom, making trees look a bit like waterfalls.

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