Opportunity Weekend – September 8th

A white peacock against an entirely blue painted room. South Austin odd in Saint Cecilia.

Don’t be a wallflower! Get to sending some work out there already.

Now, I know the hurricane and the craziness of everything that has been going on might have you down but, what better way to return to a sense of normalcy than to send some work along for review, right? For those who are able to get out there and get it out there, here are some opportunities for you:

Hopefully, there’s something you might like in the bunch. As a reminder, you can search this site using the labels at the bottom. Selecting “Opportunity Weekend” will show you all of the recent opportunity weekend posts.

Best of luck with your work and stay safe in all of the storms and craziness out there!

Until next time…

PS This one taken with the Canon 5DS and the walkabout lens. Saint Cecilia, what can I say?

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