R-I-P Austin

Some sad news to report….my folks have lost their faithful companion, Austin. This actually happened a while ago (back around Halloween, to be precise) but I’ve been too busy to stop and post anything about it here. Poor Austin had an immune disease and died rather suddenly. He was sick one day and then they pretty much had to put him down the next. He was 12 years old. We all miss him dearly, especially my guy, Chase, who, I’m sure, just can’t imagine what has happened to his little buddy. Chase and Austin were, you see, the best of friends. Chase has been a bit lost and confused by Austin just appeared to go “missing” and we try to not use the word “Austin” when he’s in earshot, just to keep him from getting excited only to be let down again. It’s kind of hard too, when the next closest city is, in fact, named Austin as well. Poor baby Chase and, of course, poor little Austin, may he rest in peace.

Dogs are such wonderful creatures and such divine friends. The greatest of little buddies. It’s so sad to see them go. My folks are doing ok, although I can tell they really miss having a dog around the house. They have been taking Chase a lot lately, just so their house is not so empty.

R-I-P little buddy, Austin, you are missed by all.

Until next time…

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