Mobile Moodswings

I’m in a mobile sort of a mood today, so I thought I would post something from the latest round of Snapseed workings. This is the Aegean Sea in all its glory, a la Snapseed from the iPhone.

It’s been a nice, long weekend, though I’ve been busy, it hasn’t felt like I’ve gotten all that much done. Still, it was nice spending some time with the folks. Mom is very lonely, since she recently lost her dog, Austin. (R-I-P Austin.) He was such a cute little guy, now we all miss him. She got to spend some quality time with Chase and he loved that, I’m sure, so all is well again.

Been trying to keep off line for a bit now. Not posting too much but still staying active. It’s hard to do photography and not do a lot of it online but lately it seems like, between the TV set and the Facebook pages, I’m spending way too much time wasting away and not enough time getting stuff done. I’ll have to fix that.

In the meantime, this is my Aegean Sea shot a la Snapseed.

Until next time…

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