A Carnival of New Lights

BlueAndOrange_5581, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

So, recently I purchased some new lights for my home studio. I went out and got myself a set of Fiilex P360 LED studio lights. These are dense matrix LEDs with full spectrum tuning, so that I can dial-in just about any color temp I could possibly want. How fun is that?

Still working on my home studio setup and doing some show preparations tonight, but I wanted to share the good news with you about the lights.

A funny thing about lighting too, nowadays anyway it seems like everybody is all into the strobes. Everything is Strobist this and Strobist that. I’ve always been a fan of continuous lights but what am I to call myself? A floodist? That sounds like somebody who loves springtime in Iowa when the winter snows melt and everybody is out playing with sandbags, not a photographer. A continuist? Is that even a word? Geesh. We have to do better than that, no? What? Am I like an anti-Strobist? That doesn’t really sound like me either. (I guess I’ll have to get back to you on this one with some kind of oh-so-clever name at some point. For now though it’s safe to say I’ve just gone out and gotten myself some new lights.)

Also, we’re coming up on carnival week so there’s bound to be a lot of fun down in New Orleans this week as well. Really wish I were there but, sadly, I’m back at the ranch, getting things setup and toiling away.

And, it goes without saying really but, man, watch out for any “Floodists” you might find down in the ‘Quarter this week.

Until next time…

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