It’s Good to Be Back and in my New Chair


OK, so maybe I never left. But, I have to say, while I was gone a lot of stuff happened!

For starters, the ahem “good” folks at Flickr broke the “Blog This” button. I guess, in hindsight, they told me to go off and blog this. Yahoo! is sure going out of their way to ruin Flickr but, I guess, that’s par for the course.

I did my taxes. Nothing crazy there. Just crammed about three weeks of work into one long weekend. It was crazy and I felt totally beat up afterwards. After all that hand to hand combat, what do I have to show for it? I’m getting back about $200. Oh joy! I wish I could trade all of the paperwork I had to endure for that $200, believe me, I wish I could.

I’ve been strangely fascinated with birds. This image here I captured from my car window. It’s a murder of crows that I frequently see on the way home from work. Mmmm. Snapseed. Oh how I love Snapseed. Let me count the ways. Oh, and the crows are really cool too. My strange fascination with birds continues.

I’d had this horrible injury to my thumb that has made typing very difficult. It hurts to even type this. My fingers ache but I so continue to endure. I must press on for the fans. (Well, ok, all three people who still check in here once in a while to make sure I’m like still alive and all. Howdy, folks! Yup. Still here. Sorry, you don’t inherit the crock pot just yet.)

Perhaps the best news in a long time. I *finally* got my chair. What chair? You might be asking, and I’d be here to tell you. Sometime, back in November, I ordered this spiffy new desk chair for my home office. It’s grey leather and it’s something called a “Stressless.” Oh, let me tell you. It’s stressless alright. I hardly want to get up and get out of it. It’s….ah….oh so comfortable.

For a long time, you see, I had this really crappy desk chair. It was horrible, not to mention just really bad on my back and all. I had wanted a new desk chair for a long time and just couldn’t bring myself to pick one out. They were all sort of….well….ugly, if I may be so blunt (and you know, you just know, how blunt I can be, don’t you?) So, back in November, I happened upon this store that sells contemporary furniture and that’s when I saw them. The STRESSLESS chairs. Oh my! They were oh so pretty. I just had to have one. I ordered one right on the spot, in leather even, because, well I could and I just did, ok? They told me back then that it would take a few months and that my chair had to come from Norway. It was specially made for me in Norway. A chair specially made for me was coming all the way from Norway. Oh joy!

Well, needless to say, Christmas came and then they had called me and told me there was a mix up with the order and yada yada. No worries. I was in no hurry. I had put off a lot of blogging and website design for so long, what’s a few more weeks, right? At this point, I was putting stuff off because my desk chair was so uncomfortable I hardly wanted to use my computer. It was like OUCH in here. It was cramped and dark and the chair really sucked. Then, the chair came in. Finally made the trip from Norway. Oh what a chair it is too. It’s *so* comfortable. Now, and I know you’re going to laugh at this but I must confess, I have a completely different problem.

My chair is so comfortable I can hardly get out of it.

There. I said it. My chair is so comfortable, I’ve been avoiding sitting down at the computer because, instead of knowing I’ll be uncomfortable, I now know I’ll be so comfortable that it will take all but the house burning down to get me back out of this silly chair. 

Seriously, the other day? I ordered pizza. I almost didn’t order pizza. Not because I wasn’t hungry, no, simply because I thought to myself, “My God, I’m sitting down! If the pizza dude shows up, I’ll have to get up and out of the chair to answer the door.” I was seriously considering going hungry, just because I didn’t want to get up for one split second to go and answer the door. Oh the humanity! Oh, the chair! Ah, the chair. I’m all about the big, comfy chair these days.

So, you see….Flickr broken. Eh, what’s new? Tax returns? Meh, I have to do them every year, why should this year be any different? Birds? Oh, they are migrating again or something like that. My thumb hurts like the Dickens. Ah well, that’s nice. Please just don’t ask me to do anything that requires me to get up and get out of my new chair, OK?

Welcome back, Carol! I’d tell you to come in and pull up a chair but so sorry I’ve already got the good one and I ain’t giving it up.

Until next time…


  1. Great Grandma Lin
    April 24, 2014 / 2:16 pm

    lol-welcome back…wonder what happened to you, now we must have a photo of the chair which means you'll have to get up out of it!

  2. Peruby
    April 25, 2014 / 9:04 am

    I was thinking along the same line as Lin, but just went over and 'googled' stressless office chair Norway. 🙂

    I like the Dream office chair.

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