Getting Ready for the 4th of July

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It’s been horribly hot in Austin the past few days. Yesterday topped out at 106 and I think today might have been even hotter. Still not quite as bad as places out west, like Vegas, which, I’m told, topped out at a whopping 117 degrees today. Stay cool, snowflakes, stay cool out there!

In other news, everybody is getting ready for the big upcoming 4th of July celebrations. Lots of flags, hamburgers and wieners getting ready to be roasted, and the usual firework displays.

As luck would have it, we are expecting some storms tonight, along with a “cold” front moving in. I say “cold” in quotes because, well, it’s supposed to top out at only about 93 a few days this week. On account of the change in the weather, I am probably going to try to head up to Georgetown this week to do some more shooting. I’ll see when the clouds look good and if I can manage to sneak up that way for a bit of shooting around the square. (Watch this space for details.)

Other than that, it’s just been trying to stay out of the heat. Oh, that and I’m working on some T-shirts and a few odds and ends, hoping to get some stuff wrapped up this week.

How is your weekend going? Hot enough for you yet?

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  1. Great Grandma Lin
    June 30, 2013 / 2:57 pm

    It was 115 here yesterday, but bring it on-no humidity and it will start the monsoons soon…

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