Austin Encaustic Arts Meeting Tomorrow

GlowingPinkLines_5605, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

Just a quick note for the Austin-based encaustic artists out there. Tomorrow, from noon – 2 pm we are going to have an Austin Encaustic Arts meeting at Cari’s north location.

The details are:

Ok…it’s official!
Next Austin Encaustic meeting this Saturday is on!

June 8
Austin Art Lab
13216 Pond Springs Rd. Bldg. D
(North Studio)

As you can probably well imagine, I have not been painting much recently. I did manage a bunch of shooting (photography) but it’s been a bit too hot for me to get out into the studio with the blow torch. Still, I hope to do some painting come autumn and I have been shooting some things I plan to use with photo+encaustics, probably in the fall as well. I also hope to copy some additional paintings I have already completed and post them to the blog, website, and other Internet hovels. I’ll try to get to those this week, so that I have something new to post on the encaustic front at least for now anyway.

It’s really been hard for me to juggle painting, doing photography and the other stuff I do, so I’m looking at having more focus and narrowing down a bit what I’m doing. Unfortunately, my encaustics have suffered but I do hope to get back to them at some point (one point or another, right?) What’s that they say about the best laid plans, good intentions and all? (Yeah right, please don’t remind me!)

Hopefully, I will be able to catch up with everybody a bit anyway and see what other folks are doing.

Until next time…

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