Take a Left at Abstraction Street

TreeLinedStreet_7831, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

Towards abstraction, yes, I know I keep moving closer and closer towards abstraction. I just can’t help myself. While it’s true that I’ve been shooting a bit more “normal” these days (in what amounts to a possibly feeble attempt at landing more print/magazine type work) I just can’t let go of my past. I can’t let go of the abstraction. I’m abstract to the core and I just can’t help myself. If you’ll pardon me, my fine art roots are showing.

I’ve decided not to fight it anymore. These days, I’m just shooting two cameras. One with the “special” lens I’ve rigged up that allows me to do some of these abstract type images and one with a “normal” type of lens that allows me to, well, to shoot more “normally” (at least, kind of “normal looking” although I question if I can really do that anyway. I mean, have I ever been, now or ever, really a “normal” type of shooter?)

Current plans for these abstract images are to gather than and to print them larger, on watercolor paper (makes the colors really pop) and then do a one-person show of them. Somewhere. Sometime. You know, down the road a ways. Haven’t finalized more plans for them than that, just keep shooting them really. I’ve always been a “take what the camera gives you” kind of a girl, and I’ll probably keep on doing that with these abstract type images as well (I see no reason to change that up now.)

But, I’m not giving up shooting these abstract images, magazine work or not. In some ways, I feel that this is really my best work. It’s all me anyway, no matter how you really come down and slice it. So, there you have it. Abstraction. Me. The tree-lined street. The lady waking with an umbrella. The painterly-like soft colors and folds of lines. The circles of confusion, visible for all to see. Yes, I’m doing more “normal” type stuff nowadays, but that doesn’t mean I’m abandoning my various forms of abstraction. Sure, you might see me get all crispy sharp focused once in a while but, the “real” me? Yeah, it’s under there too. It’s under there, quietly waiting its turn. Waiting, watching, and lurking. Just around the bend, waiting quietly to come out and show its face. You know, you just know, at one point anyway, it will. (It’s not like I can leave it behind for too long, now, can I?)

Yes, I’d say it’s safe to say it. The “real” me, the one you all know and love (or maybe don’t!) is still there. Hiding in the shadows. Take a left up on this next street corner and you might find it again, popping out from the shadows, rearing up its head from quiet contemplation, jumping out at you. Although it speaks in soft whispers and doesn’t say very much at all, not even when you are “tuned in” to its quiet harmony, it’s still there. Waiting and watching. Softly reflecting city life in its own abstract kind of way. So, go ahead, take a left on the next corner, up on Abstraction Street and you just might see it too.

Abstraction Street. It’s a wonderfully quiet place to settle down and enjoy a quiet slice of life these days, isn’t it? Even if it is only a small piece of me these days, I have to say I rather like it there. Yes, I like it there.

Until next time…

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  1. Great Grandma Lin
    June 7, 2013 / 3:30 am

    go with your heart-you are the artist…

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