It's Never Too Late – New Year's Resolutions for Right About Now

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I’m always of the mindset that it’s never too late to make New Year’s Resolutions. What I mean by that is that, it pays to be organized. It pays to have goals and always keep some semblance of a “To Do: ” list, even if you never get to cross off all of the items. Being an artist, I have demands and commitments on me all of the time. I’m sure you’re read the constant stream here about it-that nagging feeling that everybody wants a piece of me. Unfortunately, the more successful your artistic career becomes, the more likely you are to be pulled about like a rag doll, with everybody wanting a piece of you here or there. Some days, yes, it feels like that, but lists and organization and resolution-like things help ground me and keep me moving forward. They are a good thing, really, even if it means I never will get to cross everything off my list.

Right now, for example, I am in the process of upgrading my computer. I just got a delivery today and don’t know when I’ll have time to unpack it. There’s a lot of work to do here, but it will be rewarding as well. I still do not have the hard drive situation worked out yet-that’s to come shortly, as soon as the spiffy new computer is up and fully running. Heck, I just got over hanging up a big show, finishing off work for that, framing it and whatnot.

Next up, I just got work today I have another invitational show plus maybe even one more show on my horizon. All of that while I’m trying to pick out studio lights and, heck, doing a load of laundry right about now would be nice too. See what I mean about lists?

This year, I’m going to challenge myself to really push myself and to really get moving, get setup, and get going on some of the things I’ve left behind. I’ve left a lot of stuff off the table, so to speak, and it’s grinding down on me. I feel like I have an entire bunch of stuff half-done and that’s not good. I need to work more towards completion, to really knock some things off my list. I can do it too, really I can. I just need a couple of good pushes in the right direction and need to make a few inroads on some of the stuff that has just been sitting around my studio, waiting for me to finish it.

So, this new year, I challenge you. It’s a race, if you will. Challenge yourself to treat February 1 as the start of a new year. If it *were* a new year, just what would you want to finish *this* year, before the start of next year? When you think about that, therein lies my challenge. Treat February 1st as you would the end of the year. Make a new set of resolutions. Make a new “To Do:” list and get it done.

Come on, now, I know you can do it. There’s not time like the present now, is there?

Translation: Don’t wait for a new year to make new year’s resolutions. Get going, get it done, get it behind you.I know you can do it!

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  1. Great Grandma Lin
    January 8, 2013 / 1:43 am

    good idea…

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