Epson News and Expensive Photographs

EleganceNo1, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

The world’s most expensive photograph was recently re-defined. Yes, it’s true, this week Cindy Sherman’s image sold for over 3 million dollars. That’s one big giant film still, don’t you think?

In other news, Epson has come out with a few new printers and I expect to be upgrading sometime soon. They are replacing the Epson 2880 with an R3000 which has swappable black inks (finally!) and also a replacement for the 3880 which is capable of printing 16×20 sheets. I have not yet decided which printer I’ll spring for-I’m still evaluating this to see which one I will find more suitable, but I expect to upgrade sometime soon.

The best news in all of this? While my prints won’t be worth a cool 3.5 million, they will come out faster. The new Epson printers are a lot faster than the currently available crop. Epson tells us it’s something like 20 percent faster (yay!)

All of that and I’ll finally be able to print images like this (my color infrared work) since the drivers and printers lay down ink a lot more accurately than my current Epson.

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