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I’ve been going over my teaching and workshop schedule for the year and finalizing my upcoming training.

One of the new workshops I’ll be leading is called “iPhone into Art.” It’s a workshop devoted to all things iPhone, yes, but it’s a bit more than that.

You see, there are a lot of workshops out there, webinars, lots of books, etc. on using the iPhone as a camera. That’s great-frankly, we probably need even more of those, but there’s few, if anything, available on using the iPhone to make art. Everything that’s out there focuses on downloading apps from the App store and using the iPhone to take great pictures (or, you know, getting better pictures from your iPhone.)

While it’s true I think you need to be able to get better pictures from your iPhone, I wanted a workshop focused on doing more with the iPhone. I noticed how a lot of artists are using their iPhones as cameras now and that’s where I spotted the void. There are few, if any, workshops for mixed media artists looking to incorporate their iPhone work. This is where the workshop idea came from-I wanted to focus on taking great iPhone photos, yes, but also on what you could do with them-on taking the next *step* with your iPhone photos.

The workshop will cover some of the Apps that I use in making iPhone photos, but it’s way beyond an “Apps for the iPhone” workshop. It’s going to go into things like printing, glazing, watercolors, all kinds of mixed media. Basically, lots of fun stuff and neat ideas to take your iPhone photography to the next level.

I’ve very excited about this new workshop, as I think it’s a welcome addition. There are a lot of photo workshops out there, possibly even too many, but not enough really focused on the mixed media work that you can do with the iPhone and the Apps for it. I’m hoping this workshop will fill in that gap.

Are there any workshops you wish were available? What would get you to take a workshop, local class, or enroll in photographic education? I’d love to hear from you if you have a wish list of things you’d like to learn.

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