You Can Take It Anywhere

One of the things I love about my iPhone is that I can take it anywhere. For example, I’ve always wanted to take pictures inside of a grocery store, but grocery stores are very protective of their in-store displays–they don’t like people photographing them for various reasons. As soon as you pull out a big camera, they pounce on you, asking you to leave, demanding to know what you are doing, or, even worse, calling the cops. So, what to do? Along comes the iPhone and presto! Problem solved. You just pretend you are speaking on the phone, take a picture, nobody suspects anything and, if you really want to paint a loaf of bread, you now have a reference image to use in your painting. Nobody will be none the wiser, you won’t get arrested, and even the store will be happy. It’s another kumbaya moment brought to you by your iPhone.

The iPhone really is changing the way we take pictures. It’s going a long way to making cameras socially acceptable again. It’s now safe for everybody to carry a camera almost everywhere and now even those who prefer to carry heavier camera gear with them (though I sometimes have to wonder why they would want to do that) have an easier time asking for pictures, taking pictures, and enjoying pictures. This is a good thing, no?

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