What’s the Color (Frequency) Kenneth?

The iPhone can generate magical color shifts. Everything from greens to oranges, burning hot reds, and even purples, not to mention some really great black and white images. Thanks to the processing power of the iPhone and the apps that are available, many of the old film types are being re-created using the iPhone and the app technology. This is really great because we no longer have the toxic film byproducts to deal with, no more harsh chemicals and the like, but we all get to enjoy the rediscovery of some of these old films. Even though I joke about being a fat middle aged woman, I am loving the use of these old films, so much so that I feel as if I’ve gone back to my youth, looking at some of the shots coming off the iPhones. It’s great to be back in the 60’s and 70’s again and I feel like a spring chicken, at least as far as my photography goes (I still look a bit crazy in those old bell bottoms, however.)

If you’re maybe a bit younger and don’t know what exactly a “bell bottom” might be (hint: think bootleg jeans and take them out a notch at the bottom) you might want to seek out some old photo books. You can usually find old photo books in vintage bookstores, at garage sales, and the like, often for very cheap prices. I get some of them for a dollar or two. Some of the older photo books have shots made with some of the films the iPhone is now emulating, so it might be a fun idea to try and take some of the shots in modern times that were done back then, to sort of “re-create” them with the new technology. Check out some early Polaroid books for inspiration and remember, the iPhone is even better because, not only can you color shift, but you can also easily mail it to your friends as well.

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