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Some of the apps you can get for the iPhone allow you to create fake Polaroids. The ShakeIt! Polaroid app is quite popular among former Polaroid enthusiasts. It allows you to create a fake Polaroid from any image in your camera roll, it’s also fast and easy to use. It even features the familiar noise from the Polaroid camera after you take the fake Polaroid. It’s really quite a fun app for the iPhone.

While it doesn’t quite give us the color gamut of the old Polaroids, it’s pretty close. Also, of course, it gives us the square format from the Polaroid era.

Some serious Polaroid enthusiasts hate any kind of fake Polaroids, while others have embraced the new technology and techniques like the iPhone Polaroids. Personally, I do not feel that the fake Polaroids, coming from the iPhone, totally replace the old Polaroids, but I do think they are different-they are a different type of Polaroid, maybe a new thing, taking us to the next era of Polaroids. I think we should embrace them, although nothing will replace the old, original, tried and true Polaroids of the past.

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