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Today’s theme: The Face

When I was in Venice, they had all these giant faces planted around the city, in what was some kind of art project. At first I thought they were pretty cool-it’s great that a city can do something like that-put art all over the place, and Venice is such a cool city to begin with, it just totally made sense.

But then, after being there for a while, as the days turned into nights, it started to get a little creepy. The faces all started to look alike. At one point, I thought they were following me. By the time I left, I was convinced I was going to have nightmares about the giant faces. It really did seem like, wherever you were in the city, no matter how lost in Venice you could be, you were never very far from one of those giant faces. If you stopped to sit on a bench, look away for a split second and then look back, why that nearest giant face seemed to inch just a bit closer, didn’t it?

Wow. How creepy.

I hope you don’t have a run in with any giant faces as part of your photographic travels but, if you do, may you have your camera standing by ready to go, just, you know, in case of emergency.

Until next time…


  1. mythopolis
    September 26, 2009 / 4:15 pm

    Pretty cool! Have you seen any of Ron Mueck's giant people? He also makes some dwarf people too..

  2. Carol
    September 28, 2009 / 1:43 am

    Nope, I have not seen then, I will have to check them out, thanks for the tip!

    Dwarf people seem less scary to me but, you know, I could be wrong about that. (Nightmare inducing, are they?)

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