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Cabinet, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

Since I’m trapped under a mountain of toner, printing some work for my next show (to be dropped off on Saturday) I thought it might be a good idea to pen another post today.

This one is from the science lab over at Concordia. I love shooting there so much, I can hardly wait to go back. When I first saw this image, it had some extra stuff I did not like along the left edge and also the perspective was not quite to my liking. No worries, Photoshop to the rescue! I used Photoshop’s Transform tool to alter the perspective and get it more to my taste. In the course of doing that, the left edge was cut off, leaving me with nothing but the part of the image I liked anyway. Perspective is hard to get exactly right in-camera sometimes, it’s really helpful to have Photoshop tools to help with it.

I can hardly wait for the car show this weekend, though it’s been raining almost all week. I hope the weather holds, as I really do not want to go and shoot the nice, pretty cars in the mud.

Tomorrow, I might pop over to Balcones Frame and see what they have over there. I’m thinking I want to do something different for the frame on the image I’m printing now. Not sure what, I’m considering maybe sticking to black metal, slightly larger profile, maybe just shake it up a little bit. It’s for an exhibition, so I can’t really do too much, but I can try.

I’ve been pricing new camera gear and tossing around ideas as to what to get in my head. Once I make up my mind, I’m sure the choice will be easy but, as you can probably figure out by now, it’s hard sometimes to get me to make up my mind. I go back and forth, toss and turn, undecided a lot in life. *Shrug.*

I’m now following Lance Armstrong on Twitter. Oddly enough, I found him through Top Gear as the good folks over at the BBC Top Gear Twitter stream are following him too. I find it odd, yet somehow a bit fascinating, that it took three chaps from Britain to get me to follow one of my neighbors in Austin on Twitter but, I guess, politics and Twitter now too all make for strange bedfellows.

Well, enough chatter for one evening. The printer has spit out the first output and now needs my attention.

Until next time…

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