'Round Midnight

Ghostly Figure, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

I’ve been extra busy recently and haven’t had time to blog. Thought I’d blog off a quick one to let you know what’s been happening.

I created my first blurb book yesterday (actually, quite technically, maybe literally, today, since it was uploaded just about midnight Central Standard Time.) It’s called Drive and it’s a small (soon to be expanded) collection of images shot while driving. It’s my “drive by” now high and dry and, well, I guess, blurbed for all to enjoy.

Steve is turning 40. Gosh, I feel old.

I have some dirty jokes to share, but I’m not going to tarnish this nice image with some of that. Be on the lookout for another gargoyle, or some such thing, if you are one of those “dirty minded” folks (and you know who you are :~)

I saw a new (well, new to me) episode of Top Gear. It was funny but then, you probably already knew that. A few kind folks (and you know who you are) have taken to sending me bit torrent downloads of the new episodes but I haven’t had time to watch. I’m been up to my elbows, and points higher, in broken electronic equipment, missed deadlines, and photo crap that I just so need to do. Maybe soon I’ll catch up. Don’t worry-The Stig still makes me all giggly.

I’m going to get a new computer. The Mussolini hard drive is killing me. The laptop is burning me. I’m surrounded by tons of broken equipment and I just can’t take it anymore. Even the cell phone has started to konk out and, with all the broken crap piling up, I just can’t handle another broken electronic device or even one more dead battery. (Hide me.) I’m going to splurg, spoil myself, and get a new iMac. Wish me luck. I’ll have to fend off all the ipod 3G angry mobs just to do it too.

I’m going to try to attend the Austin Pond Society tour this weekend. It’s an annual event celebrating water gardens in and around Austin. Yes, I plan on bringing my camera with me. (Silly, that’s the whole point.) Look for color infrared shots of that stuff once I take them. (Hey, you heard it first.)

No word on the Polaroid film. It’s supposed to be here by now. I’m getting worried.

Chase is still curly-he badly needs a shave.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten something but this should tide you over. Oh yeah, speaking of “tides,” it hasn’t rained in so long, I’ve forgotten what water looks like. It’s only wet in my…..and me without my gargoyle.

Until next time…


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