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It’s alive! It’s alive!

What’s alive? You might ask. And, this time anyway, I might just tell you. I finished a new website for my photography this weekend and it’s gone live. For more details, check out my new happy home on the web: House of Carol. Yes, it’s true, I’ve given in, given up, gone on, and got myself a new home on the web.

What does this all mean? Will I stop blogging? Oh, no. I love you guys (and the blog format) way too much to quit now. All that it means is that I have a real “front” to my photography now. I’ve decided to put a sort of front door onto the “kitchen table” we’ve all quietly enjoyed for years. I’m not going to change a thing about Carol’s Little World, don’t you worry. I just decided to add a front, a “home base” of sorts because, well, because I kind of wanted something static, something firm, something a bit more fixed and planted than this site so that I could like make up little business cards and such. You know, a “presence” on the web that’s sort of “real” and not “back door-ish” like a blog.

Don’t get me wrong, the blog has served me well and I’ve loved doing it. It’s just that, well, after all these years, I don’t want to keep handing out cards or telling folks I meet about my blog only to have them come here and read my latest diatribe about TiVo, or Top Gear, or the price of light bulbs in Wal-Mart. I kind of want to ease them into it, you know? Sort of guide them into the madness that we have all come to know and grown to love that is Carol’s Little World.

So, don’t fret, I’m not going anywhere. Just adding a bit, making up a front page as it were, putting a bit of lipstick on the old pig (or, um, if you want to be more polite, “new drapes on the front window panes.” Yeah, that sounds much better.) We’ll resume with our regularly scheduled madness, including my upcoming stint in jury duty (anybody got a cake? Maybe like one with a file in it? Anybody?!?) soon enough.

Until next time…



  1. CraftyGuy
    June 9, 2008 / 11:12 am

    Cool new photoblog! It’s beautiful, bodacious, bitchin’, and a whole buncha other good “B” words that I can’t think of right now, cause it’s so early in the morning… 🙂

  2. Michael McGraw -
    June 16, 2008 / 6:14 pm

    I enjoyed looking at your SURFACE images. They were very calming. Thanks. Mike

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