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Zoom Zoom. This just in from the “quick somebody call the folks at Top Gear department (I so want to see The Stig tooling around in one of these.) As it turns out, even though I still might drive a “luxurious” Crapanese hatchback and live miles away from Detroit (these 101 degree days of spring make the cool north of Detroit seem really far away, believe me) I’m actually closer to a supercar than you might think. Turns out the folks at Ronn Motor Company are secretly building a hydrogen powered supercar right here in my own backyard (Ah Ha! So that’s what that funny smell was. Living in Texas for so long, by now I should learn to recognize the smell of fresh petroleum in the morning. [Wrinkles nose]) Not only are they building a stealth supercar and a secret hidden factory and showroom right here in the Texas Hill Country (take highway 1431 west, turn left at highway 281, look for the signs as you approach Johnson City-it’s on the right, you can’t miss it) but the car is really quite HOT looking too. Running on hydrogen fuel cells, don’t let its big bad supercar good looking exterior fool you, turns out this tiger actually turns into a pussycat at the pump-it sips a mere 40 mpg at the famed Texaco star. Of course, with a whopping price tag of $150,000 it’s still out of reach for most folks like me, who can’t afford to shell out those kind of clams to help save the environment and all. But still, for those in the market for a supercharged supercar, it might be just the ticket (um, er, excuse the pun. And watch out for those Hill Country cops, man, they sure do deliver in the “just your ticket” department.)

I so want to see The Stig drive one. I so want to see The Stig drive one. Oh, do you think the famed Top Gear production office takes bribes? Nevermind that, how do I get myself closer to the car itself? Maybe I should volunteer my services as a fine art photographer for all of this. I mean, I’m sure they must need blurry out-of-focus “artsy” pictures for their brochure, right?

Yeah yeah, well, like you had a shot at getting any closer to the belly of the beast either. Pfffft.

Ah, to be The Stig if only for one day…..


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