She's Back

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Ok, I know I’ve been away for a while. First, I came down with a really bad flu and was sick for a few weeks (no kidding-I’m still coughing up nasty stuff.) Then, my mouse died, which doesn’t sound all that eventful, except that, when you stop to think about it, we use a mouse for everything these days. You would be surprised to find out how totally useless you are at your computer sans a simple, little mouse (at least, I know, I was.)

A few other things have happened in between-Dad got a new hearing aid, so we can actually talk to him now, and Mom took a bad fall (she’s bruised but ok.) Chase is still, well, Chase (mad dog-actually, really, really mad dog.) There was a new scandal on American Idol (stripper, anyone?) and I’m now in the throws of getting ready for my trip to Santa Fe. I still have yet to blog about 3 minute eggs or the latest in Top Gear episodes (I finally saw the one where he drives the little car through the BBC newsroom-funny!) All that and more, but like, you get the idea.

My camera has been converted to infrared and has started the long journey back to me. I still don’t have my portfolio ready for Santa Fe, nor have I cleared off all of the Compact Flash. What’s that I always say about the “last minute?” Yeah, yeah, I know.

Well, time to start printing and stop blogging, so keep in touch, keep safe, keep happy and, at the very least, I’ll soon hopefully have some cool adobe houses to show you. Or, you know, some such thing.

Until next time…


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