Mount Stuffing

MountStuffingv2, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

Adventurous day today-I went out and climbed Mount Stuffing. Got all the way to the top and let out one big BURP. Ah, it’s good to be full. (Just think of it this way, if this really were “food porn” this would be the equivalent of something like double D cups and a skimpy thong. Think cornbread penthouse.)

In other, ahem, more “active” news, I sacked out on the couch most of the day but did manage to catch the parade this morning. It’s something like 61 in New York City, while it’s been a balmy 55 here in Texas. So cold, we’ve had to bundle up which, as you know, really sucks for me, seeing as I don’t yet quite have a suitable winter coat and all. (It sucks to not have a winter coat, sure, but it doesn’t suck nearly as quickly as I did to that stuffing. Yum yum.)

Oh and, since this is the day we’re all giving thanks and yada yada, I would like to officially give thanks for my family, my health, my wonderful puppy, some great food, my house, my friends, my car, all the fun stuff I get to do, my blog, my photography, my snowflakes (this means you. *Waves*) and a host of other things that keep Carol’s Little World filled with so much more than just “stuffing” (though, the stuffing was really good, mind you.)

Seriously though, I know so many people who would give their right arms to be able to take pictures, write, blog, and travel half as much as I do. For all of these things, and more, I give thanks.


Until next time…


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