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That’s my house, there, on the right.

Speaking of houses, while browsing tags in Flickr the other day, I happened upon some photos of Maxfield’s. Talk about bringing back ghosts and old memories. What a trip.

In Potsdam, I spent one summer living above this bar, Maxfield’s. Maxfield’s was one of those chichi bars-you know the type, with potted palm trees, wicker furniture on the patio, and couches strewn about the place. Needles to say, when I was a broke and drunk college student, I couldn’t afford to drink there.

Even though I could not afford to drink there, my roommate and I used to pass out mere feet from the trendy chic front door of this fancy joint when we got home too drunk to make the flight up to our apartment (I always preferred the fourth step while my roommate liked the second. Go figure.) Even with all the memories (or not) of passing out on the steps, I do (somehow) remember the one time we did drink there.

5:59 pm Friday evening-“Hey, I’m home. I got out of class today and…”

“Oh my God, we should go drinking. I met a guy who works downstairs who said he’d give us some free drinks. Oh my God, Oh my God, we could go drink at Maxfield’s. Let’s go.”

6:15 pm Carol sits in fancy wicker chair, partially obscured by potted palm tree, and orders a daiquiri. “I can make your drinks with a splash of tequila if you’d like,” the waiter asks. Newsflash: Carol never met a splash of tequila she didn’t like.

7:15 pm Waiter suggests we try an appetizer and gives us some snacks. Carol asks if plants are real.

8:30 pm Cute guy walks into bar.

8:38 pm Cute guy sits down next to Carol and roommate. Carol tries to subtlety touch plant to see if it’s real while pretending to charm cute guy into buying more drinks she cannot afford.

8:49 pm Cute guy joins Carol and roommate for “drinks” ends up eating all (or most) of appetizers.

9:30 pm Cute guy suggests we “do shots.”

9:45 pm Waiter informs us kitchen is closed. (No more appetizers but shots keep flowing.)

10:15 pm Cute guy passes out in palm tree. (Presumably, he knows it’s fake.)

11:17 pm Second cute guy shows up. Asks, “is he with you?” Spots two girls and sits down anyway. Carol informs him, “I’ve never seen him before in my life, though I did think he was kind of cute before he passed out and all…Hey, by the way..do you think these plants are real?”

11:39 pm Second cute guy orders girls more daiquiri drinks.

2:00 am Barkeep calls “last call.”

2:15 am Carol tries to get up. Sudden interest in all things “vertical” leaves Carol wobbly.

2:17 am Carol pukes in “potted palms” (so much for the “nice decor”) Carol manages to (somehow!) avoid puking on cute guy #1’s (now passed out) face.

2:45 am Cute guy #2 offers to “take us home.” We forget where we live and meander off in wrong direction yet again.

3:57 am Carol wakes up and looks at watch. Says to roommate, “Damn it…It’s four o’clock in the morning. WAKE UP. We got drunk and passed out on the stairs again…”

The morale of this story: Never ever ever rent an apartment that’s one flight up.

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  1. CraftyGuy
    November 25, 2007 / 3:38 am


    Too much fun…

  2. CraftyGuy
    November 26, 2007 / 4:18 am

    …and, oh by the way…

    You’ve been tagged!

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