Happy Birthday to Me

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The Beatles were right, it’s my birthday. Yay! Happy Birthday to me.

I just got back from our new SuperTarget. Yes, that’s right, my snowflakes, on my birthday, I went grocery shopping. They had some key lime white chocolate chip cookies. Oh, are they good. I love key lime. It’s like a little zesty chunk of Heaven.

And, speaking of British dudes who spew words out for a living, it seems that evil chef has started making me curse again. As Charlie Brown would say, “Rats!” I had just gotten over cursing. I had just learned to start using “freaking” instead of…well…you know. And now, damn! I watch one hour of that program and I sound like a drunken sailor.

I don’t even know how to boil an egg. Why, oh why does TiVo have me watching cooking shows? I start watching cooking shows and, instead of doing something productive like learning how to cook, what do I do? Start cussing. I’ve learned a whole new vocabulary! (Who knew all of this and more was buried on the Food Network?)

I’d say it’s “f***ing unbelievable” but, you know, that would just add another f-word into the fire. So, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to go have some more f***ing key lime cookies while still not knowing how to boil an egg or even, for that matter, a f***ing egg (I don’t know how to boil one of those either-which, you know, might be relevant should I happen upon one someday.) Tonight for dinner, we are going to get take-out from Kim Phung. Oh the joys of Kung Pao tofu that clears my allergies (or maybe that should be f***ing tofu that clears my f***ing allergies.)

No tofu for you evil British chef dude! Chew on this, I hope you get stuck eating Brussels sprouts today.

Until next f***ing time…


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