Aren't Rocks Hard?

SoftRocksCH, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

This shot was taken from a moving boat. The result? A little too soft for my taste. So what did I do? Make it softer.

I added a bit of texture in Photoshop and used a technique that (hopefully) makes the result look soft on purpose. It’s supposed to make it look more like a painting anyway.

Normally, I’m not a big fan of the “overly Photoshopped” images-I prefer to do everything in camera but, every once in a while, it’s good for the soul to play. Poke this button, turn that dial, twist this knob, if, for nothing more, than to see what pops out the other end. Cats are not the only curious beasts in the universe, just the ones most famous for getting their noses chopped off, right?

It can’t really hurt to play every once in a while, can it? I mean, that’s how we learn, right? Not to mention, while this isn’t my favorite of favorites, I think it sort of kind of works, as a snapshop of Hawaiin lava rocks, anyway, even if nobody every did hear of soft rocks.

Until next time…


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