Storm Clouds Rising

WithDrumLoneBackNo1, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

We had storms again last night. I fell asleep to the sound of hail failing down at the window. At least we were both safe in bed. Chase curled up with me, I guess he didn’t like the hail much either. Today, it’s sunny now but promises to be stormy, rainy, and the like, later in the day.

I didn’t get anything done this weekend, but slept a good part of the day yesterday. I think that I was really tired and just needed a good sleep. Even the storms didn’t really wake me up, it was more the cool air. I’ve taken the heavy blankets off the bed, and started fumbling around 3 am looking for something a bit warmer, since the storms brought some coolness into my night.

I haven’t watched TV in days either. It’s like I’ve just lost interest in it all. Doesn’t matter what show, since American Idol went off, well, I’m not really into anything.

I’ve got a lot of photo projects swirling around so probably just as well, right?

Until next time…

PS In case you haven’t noticed, I’m doing a Hula series. It will probably run for the next few days, interrupted, of course, by Photo Friday entries and other stuff, as my mind un-ravels. Enjoy!


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