That Train Don't Come 'Round Here No More

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Ok, so this is my first post from the new Yahoo! account. I guess I *do* Yahoo! (and, to think, even in mixed company. Oh my!) No more Flickr for me, I’m a Yahoo! girl now, all the way. And, yeah, I’m “new” blogger now too so, I guess, nothing blew up during the “great transformation of early 2007 or Yahoo! and Google’s failed attempts at taking over the world, part I: the broken beta years.”

In other, “well, gosh, let’s get this working” news, I went down to the Apple store and lunch to drop off my laptop. I need it to be working and it was locking up in a bad way, but I’ve been putting off fixing it because I was afraid they would say, “in just 42 weeks, we’ll return it to you. Repaired and minus all of your important data, of course.”

They have their concierge service, where you sign onto their website to tell them you are coming. Then, you go to this “Genius Bar” inside the Apple store to drop it off. They were quite nice, actually, even though I don’t feel capable of pulling up to anything resembling a bar for geniuses. (How do you spell geniuses? Nevermind…if you have to ask and all.)

So, I start filling out the paperwork, and I casually ask, “how long will it be?” When the guy says, “oh about 5 to 7, I can’t imagine it taking much longer than that.”

I was like, “oh, 5 to 7 weeks then?” and he was like, “no, um, 5 to 7 DAYS.” Hmmm. We’ll see if they can pull that rabbit outta that hat now, won’t we?

Then again, I *do* remember what I said about a particular ipod reaching me, from China, in 48 hours or less. Not that I actually mind eating my words in this case, because, well, in that case, even the damned FedEx dude was cute.

Shoe leather, anyone?

Until next time…


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